For decades, Spiga has been carrying out its mission with passion and conviction: producing pasta according to the rules of the art.

From its creation to date, Les Couscouseries du Sud (CDS) has always been a pioneer and innovator in its sector and has not ceased to put various novelties such as whole pasta, pasta vegetables, specialty pasta, gluten-free pasta on the market.

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The company Les Couscouseries du Sud (CDS) was created


Launch of the first production line of couscous with a capacity of 0.6 ton / hour

Between 1980 and 1986, establishment of 4 additional lines of production for couscous with 2.9 tons per hour to reach a total production capacity of 3.5 tons per hour.


Entry into production of pasta under the brand name Spiga with the installation of 2 production lines of 4 tons / hour

Start of the international adventure: conquest of export markets in the world, couscous and pasta

To date, extension of the couscous and pasta export zone especially to  Libya and Niger where the Spiga brand is a leading generic brand  with very high notoriety has boosted profit to over 50% of total turnover


ISO 9002 certification by TUV CERT and INNORPI


HACCP certification by TUV CERT

Caravan Distribution was created and specializes in marketing couscous and pasta products


ISO 9001 (2000 version) and DS 3027 certification by TUV CERT


Multiplication of pasta production lines by the installation of 2 new production lines of 6 tons per hour, totaling a production capacity of 10 tons per hour


Launch of the Spiga complete pasta


Certification ISO 22000 (2005 version) by TUV CERT


Purchased by Rose Blanche Group. Spiga becomes a subsidiary of the group


Establishment of a 5th line of couscous of 2.4 tons per hour for a total production capacity of 5.9 tons per hour


Renewal of the charter of the SPIGA brand

Certification of the company ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 according to the 2008 version


Launching the «special» range of lasagna, cannelloni and tagliatelle

Launching the vegetable pasta range


Launch of the Gluten-free range

Organic certification for couscous


HALAL and KASHER certification

Pre-audit procedure for IFS and BRC