Since its creation, customer satisfaction has been a real priority for Spiga. This could only be achieved through the implementation of rigorous quality and development approach.

First of all, comply with the main qualifications and international certifications in terms of food safety, respect for the environment and quality. Achieving and maintaining these high standards is the result of teamwork.

Secondly, Spiga is committed to improving its internal processes and methods in order to provide the best products for your tables. Our strive is to keep the pleasure of tasting Spiga pasta intact throughout the generations.
Pasta is the result of a long process: from selection through the storage of the raw material and its milling, to the production, control and packaging of the finished product.



Spiga's adherence to the standards below is an assurance that has become a necessity today in the agri-food sector for the maintenance of the quality of materials and products, the efficiency of management and processes, the compliance with the rules of food safety.