Who are we ?

The Spiga brand has always been synonymous with taste and quality. Spiga takes its name from the Italian Spiga = Ear to signify the importance it attaches to the selection of the raw material: durum wheat.

Originally, Les Couscouseries du Sud (CDS) was created in 1978 and specialized in pasta production and produced and marketed Spiga pasta.

For more than 20 years, Spiga has been offering its ranges of products perfectly adapted to Tunisian and international tables and is constantly improving itself to meet the needs of consumers: generous, balanced, convivial dishes ... and follow the evolution of the culinary sector: specialty pasta, vegetable pasta, complete pasta, gluten-free pasta, ...

During the last 10 years, investments worth 38 million Tunisian dinars have been spent on equipment modernization, the increasing production and packaging lines to reach a production capacity of 240 tons per day. The brand also focused on certifications to win new markets.

Soon, Spiga gained notoriety: products are now exported to 20 countries worldwide, which is equivalent to 40% of production. In particular, in Libya and Niger, Spiga is a benchmark brand and market leader.

Spiga is a subsidiary of Rose Blanche Group, a group specializing in selection, processing and marketing of wheat. It is considered one of the main Tunisian food groups.

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